Wednesday, November 22, 2006

When OJ Simpson thinks you've crossed line ...

Simpson tells AP he knew 'If I Did It' profits would be 'blood money'

"In the course of the interview I said, 'This is blood money and I hope nobody reads it,'" Simpson told the AP.

So it's official: the music has stopped and the only person involved with the OJ Simpson book and TV-special deal that hasn't said it was a bad idea yet is Janice Regan, who published the book and conducted the interview that was to have aired on Fox next week.

In the AP interview Simpson says the book is no confession but a needed shot in the arm to his finances. "Everybody who has written a book about this has taken blood money; you can't have selective morality," Simpson tells the AP.

Oh yeah -- News Corp Chairman Murdoch is getting off easy in the court of public opinion, OJ says, and that's just not fair. "I'm taking heat and I deserve it," Simpson said. "But Murdoch should not be taking the high road either."

There might be a little something to this, if the New York Times article is correct in its reporting that Murdoch sanctioned the project from the start.

Simpson got his money -- less than the $3.5 million bandied about, he says -- and there is still money to be made on auctioned copies of the book, all of whose copies were ostensibly returned to the publisher.

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