Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What's the Hurry?

President Bush has delayed any announcement of any new strategy in the Iraq War until next year. I won't be rushed, Bush says.

Reuters reports that among the reasons Bush needs more time is so that Robert Gates, who takes over as defense secretary next week, has time to settle in:
Bush, speaking after talks with top Pentagon officials, said one reason for the delay was to give the incoming defense secretary, Robert Gates, to be able to provide input on Iraq when he takes over from Donald Rumsfeld on Monday.
That would be the same Gates who was on the Iraq Study Group until he was tapped to run the Pentagon. That would be the same Iraq Study Group which unanimously came up with a 79-point plan, the key provisions of which Bush has said he doesn't necessarily intend to heed.

So, he hasn't yet sat down in the big chair but Gates is apparently to blame for further dithering.

Great boss.

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