Monday, April 30, 2007

Mr. Tenet, You're No Jack Ryan

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Enough has been said about George Tenet.

But here is a bit of fictional dialogue, reprinted without permission (national security imperative), between CIA analyst Jack Ryan and the President of the United States, from "Clear and Present Danger."

You know, for future reference.
President: "And we have to do this very delicately, otherwise people might get the wrong idea."
Ryan: "We have to lie."
President: "Did I say that?"
Ryan: "No, you didn't."
President: "You're upset."
Ryan: "I'm upset."
President: "Well, it's understandable. You mind if I give you a bit of advice? Of course, you know this, because you're a smart guy. You should never make important decisions while you're upset."
Ryan: "You did. And American soldiers and innocent civilians are dead because of it."
President: "I never ordered any-"
Ryan: "No! Don't even think about playing that game with me! I will not let you dishonor their memories by pretending you had nothing to do with it!"
President: "How dare you come in here and lecture me!"
Ryan: "How dare you, sir!"
President: "How dare you come into this office and bark at me like some little junkyard dog! I am the President of The United States!"
Ryan: "It gives me no pleasure to do it sir. As Acting Deputy Director of Intelligence, it is my duty to report this matter to the Senate Oversight Committee."
President: "You're not gonna do that."
Ryan: "I'm not?"
President: "No, no. You've got yourself a chip in the big game, now. You're gonna tuck that away. You are gonna save that for a time when your own ass is on the line, and then you're gonna pull it out, and I'm gonna cash it in for you. Right?"
Ryan: "I don't think I have anything more to say to you, sir."
President: "The country can't afford another scandal, Jack. To protect itself, it won't allow the possibility of another deception that goes all the way to the top. You'll take the blame. Cutter and Ritter'll take some, too, but it won't amount to much. They'll get a slap on the wrist, and then twenty thousand dollars an hour on the lecture circuit. The rest of the blame'll fall on Greer. Oh yeah, you'll take him down with you. You'll destroy his reputation. But, that's as far as it'll go. The old Potomac two step, Jack."
Ryan: "I'm sorry Mr. President, I don't dance."

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