Monday, May 21, 2007

James Frey, Redux

The settlement between James Frey and his publisher and readers of "A Million Little Pieces" who sued claiming they were duped into buying what was promoted as a memoir but was in part fiction has received tentative approval by a judge.

I've written at some length before on this saga, so I will just point to the last Planet Abell item on this subject, in which I use what I can recall of elementary school arithmetic to conclude that the $2.3 million deal makes whole a tiny fraction of potential victims (I use this word with some reluctance) and affects a small portion of total revenues.

I remain conflicted on this subject; I still have not read the book but do not intend to return my copy. Frey is a talented writer whose hoax was nowhere near the scale of Clifford Irvings'.

Is a couple of million dollars' penalty enough or not? Is it too much?

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