Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Geraldine and Barack, By the Numbers

I wonder if Geraldine Ferraro thinks she was the most qualified Democratic vice-presidential prospect in 1984 even after, as Maureen Dowd puts it, "she helped Walter Mondale lose 49 states."

Or maybe she's right and Black is the new black. Maybe the stars have aligned so much so quickly that running for president as a Black man finally is an advantage.

But then ... here's how Ferraro doesn't hedge her bets:

She told (Dianne) Sawyer (on GMA) she was trying to say it's a good thing that Obama was where he was. Ferraro said she was saying that "the black community came out with ... pride in [Obama's] candidacy. You would think he would say 'thank you' for doing that, instead, I'm charged with being a racist."
Hmmmm ... wouldn't that be the same black community that has given every Democratic presidential candidate the same 90% backing it is giving Obama? His getting it in the primaries before the Democratic nominee gets it in the general is ... unlikely?

Sounds to me like Obama's race brings absolutely nothing to the table -- except increased turnout. That must be what Ferraro is talking about -- he's getting 90% of a greater share of black voters!

So let's see ... 13% of the US population is African-American and Democratic primary and caucus turnout is shattering records, including a 86% cycle-over-cycle increase in Iowa, black population 2.5%.

I'm no expert, but ...

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