Monday, October 12, 2009

Wired-o-Nomics: Is E-Mail Dead, Dying or Here to Stay?

In an article in Monday's Wall Street Journal Jessica Vascellaro argues that the tipping point has arrived for the heirs apparent of e-mail, one of the internet's first, most defining — and most abused — applications. Can this be? In an appearance on CNBC's Power Lunch today I got the chance to bat this idea around a bit, but not enough, so the conversation continues here.

Vascellaro has it just about right, i think, and although reports of the death of e-mail are obviously premature it's fun to look for signs of a paradigm shift within a paradigm a mere 38 years after the first e-mail was sent. After all, haven't many of the other original internet protocols already been shown the door, like Usenet, WAIS, Gopher and Archie? What makes e-mail so invincible?

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weathermatrix said...

Email is absolutely on the way out, especially if Facebook can continue to work against spammers. Why keep up with a new email address every year when you can just monitor the person on Facebook...

peth_ said...

Yeah, I agree with the fact that email is pretty much dying at the moment.
If you want to tell something quite useless or so to your friends, you can use facebook or twitter and if you wanna talk with a specific person, it's a lot more easier to use MSN or the chat thing included in many applications, for example facebook.

Nowadays I'm using email only for sending and receiving important documents and information, for example timetables or so. In fact even most of them are also sent via MSN. I'd say it won't take long before email is about as much used as letters are today: something's sent with it but no real friend-to-friend connection via it.