Friday, December 3, 2010

So, Here's A Twitter Question For Ya ...

Ordinarily I would Tweet this question — but my question is about a potential Tweet I haven't been able to make, despite several attempts on two occasions a week apart.

So I am going old school, a blog post, to whisper in Times Square to be heard in Budapest.

Here is the text of the Tweet that will not be posted:
"M" is for the merriment you give me. "A" is for the ass that I become. "R" is are you having a martini? Yes.
Okay, I know it's trite. Looking at it, it's like the joke you have to explain. Cute by 1/2. Let's all look past that please.

Why has this Tweet been, apparently systematically, suppressed?

I know what you're thinking. I replaced "ass" with symbols, dots and a cute by 1/2 "[REDACTED]. No soap.

So I have been reduced to subterfuge. This post will automatically post to Twitter, with a URL and a headline designed to create interest.

If anyone knows what might be the reason this particular string of 110 characters are fated to spend eternity in purgatory, I'd love to hear from ya.

1 comment:

Jenny Williams said...

It's been almost six months and yet, still, no one has commented on this post. Or perhaps you got replies privately?

In any case, I think you didn't tweet it because it just didn't set quite the tone you were looking for. It was a good string of characters, and you were loath to change it. Yet it wasn't quite right. So you kept it to yourself. And then put it here.

That's my take, anyway. I've written things like that, that I liked, but weren't quite right, but I didn't want to change them.