Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week 21: A New Decade

Twenty-one weeks on Weight Watchers is no particular milestone, but for me it's huge: I cracked through the 170-pounds barrier, and am now in a new "decade."

My official weigh-in was 166.4, and I partied a little on Saturday (that means an extra veggie burger, three servings of chips and enough sugary desert to fit in the palm of my hand) so my weight is up today. But in the 160s I will stay.

I continue to obsessively weigh myself, a bit of advice that isn't for everyone (number 4 in this post) but which is, if you can stand it, the best way to keep on top of things and not become depressed as you get in touch with how your body gains and losses inexplicably during the course of the week.

My personal trajectory has been extremely fortuitous. I have lost weight every week, 21 in a row, for my official Saturday morning Weight Watchers meeting weigh-in. Seemingly no matter what I do the rest of Saturday, I will have "gained" by Sunday. I "lose" 2-3 pounds after a morning spin (see number five in this post). I am generally above my previous registered weight as late in the week as Thursday. But I've lost at least 0.4 pounds every week, and am averaging 3.3 still. Two weeks ago, close enough to my goal that I expect only incremental losses, I dropped 7.6 pounds in seven days -- probably because I significantly increased the proportion of protein on my diet and had my first unbroken string of high-impact mornings cardio workouts.

I don't know when I was last in the 160s. My current target weight is 160, but I am seeing how that will still not be as good as I can get, without even trying to be an ironman triathlete. "Correct" weight is difficult to guage, but if you look at yourself in the mirror you know it when you see it.

My plan is to crash through 160 in the next 2-3 weeks and get an annual physical that will include a clinical BMI assessment for the first time. Consumer-grade scales report BMI, but I have no idea how accurate mine is. So with a properly-assessed number I can gauge at least progress and trends at home, and shoot for that number which is the best indicator of correct weight.


none said...

Damn, Abell! Congratulations on your tenacity and effort, not to mention the results.

Sara Conrad said...

Amazing job John. I like the way this looks: You have been on Weight Watchers for almost 6 months. Your weight loss has been slow and gradual. Have you ever felt deprived of something? Maybe another martini instead of just one but.. otherwise I bet no. The weight gain on Sunday is probably just water and the breath you were holding when you got weighed. Not to worry.
Have you picked up a pair of dumbbells that weigh as much as you have lost and walked around carrying that extra weight yet? It's eye opening. A pinch test woud give you a very ruff estimate of your bmi or you could have a personal trainer give you one. It will be interesting to see how the scores come out.

John C Abell said...

Sara, thanks so much. I have hauled an 80-pound bag of concrete in my day, so I have an idea. My favorite visualization is butter: a package of four sticks is one pound.

I haven't felt chronically deprived once. The first few days were psychologically challenging because I sort if wanted to believe I was. But I'm big on vegetables and fruit, and they are "free," so I've been fine.

I'm down 13 daily PointsPlus Point from my start, so I have actually cut out the booze! I know, blasphemy, but I can't afford it and haven't been on a detox binge for ... Ever, actually, so it's good X 2.

I can pinch more than an inch :). I'm aware of the proper boundaries, and estimates are fine. But I'm due for a physical anyway, so it's a good opportunity to let real science kick in.

I appreciate your encouragement.

"none" : Thanks to you, to, whoever you are ...