Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week 23: Losing That Last Five Pounds

The dreaded weigh-in table

It is a bit surreal, but I am now that person who can say, "I'm trying to lose five pounds" and not sound delusional. It does sound pretentious, which isn't better, but it's true.

I am within five pounds of my goal of 160. I'm down 70 since I started on Weight Watchers 24 weeks ago.

At this week's meeting the subject of maintenance was front and center. We have several life members in our group, and they all say that as tough as it is to lose it's at least as tough to stay at a given weight.

Lifers at WW only have to weigh in once a month -- not weekly -- to retain their status (which includes the fantastic benefit of not having to pay for meetings) and need to stay within two pounds of their goal weight. That is two pounds up or down, btw: a means of ensuring that you don't declare higher than you intend to lose and cheat the organization out of dues.

My trip has been pretty rapid, and I have not really entirely come to grips with the fact of my loss. I may yet lower my goal again, because I am trying to be in that BMI range which is considered medically "normal", and at 160 I'd still be above that slightly. And, of course, there is the full-length mirror test which does not lie.

If you can remain determined and focused and motivated losing weight becomes a personal challenge that is difficult to compromise with at those moments when one is weakest. But what about when one has to actually begin eating more again, when judgement day is as many at 30 away, not 7?

That will be unchartered territory and, to listen to the lifers, an entirely new challenge.

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