Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spam Gold: Vera Desmond — or Desmond Vera?

We all get tons of spam, but I'm double lucky in the personal e-mail department because a) GMail actually stops tons of it and b) a good friend run my incoming through a whitelist server at a secret and undisclosed location before anything reaches my inbox.

At work, I'm not so lucky. Entourage does absolutely nothing useful to deal with even obvious spam, and trying to manipulate junk settings and rules is pointless. So I do a lot of deleting. And almost no reading beyond the subject line.

I don't know why this particular piece of spam caught my eye, but the horrible bot-like translation and gibberish in this common come-on is almost poetic -- title and all:

 How are you today my love?
 My name is Vera Desmond, her 23-year-old romance of Rwanda in Central
 Africa, I want to make friendship with you, I believe that age, race and
 language. Distance has an impact on. A good relationship does not exist.
 I was very happy to see your response.
 Thank you for accepting me. Is your friend.
 From your new friend.
 Desmond Vera.

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