Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week 24: Give A Penny, Take A Penny

Another gain for me, my second, and slight -- i.e., within the range that would not have jeopardized a lifetime Weight Watchers status if I was at goal. But it's my second gain in three weeks, and basically I have maintained for a month, with two gains and two losses and no movement in either direction.

This is fine, of course, except ... I am working harder than ever on the exercise front, and had no "excesses" this week. It is still fine because I am probably trading some fat for some muscle and because muy body is probably making another one of those larger adjustments as I settle into a range with which it is entirely unfamiliar.

And it is fine just because it is fine: it isn't demoralizing, and this isn't a race. And it feels as though I am solidly in the 160s, poised to declare a new goal somewhere in the 150s.

New this week: I rediscovered my joy of running, and ability to do same. The occasion was a business trip which took me to DC and a fabulous boutique hotel with an awesome gym with state-of-the-art Precor treadmills. I did five miles in an hour — my first run in six years — and was finally able to calibrate my Nike+ app.

There was a lovely sweet desert last night, and there may be a bit more tonight. But I feel entirely on track, and am about to hit the bike.


Don A. Gonzalez said...

First of all congrats on the weight loss. My wife & I started WW 12 weeks ago. I'm curious how about how you used your weekly points. Did you save them for weekend? Or spread them out over the week? Thanks.

John C Abell said...

Don: First of all congrats on joining and sticking with the program.

I have tended not to use my weekly allowance at all. When I started, I had 43 daily PointsPlus points and that seemed to cover 99% of my situations (including, for months, even a daily martini!).

But when I do go over points, or do not track terribly closely, it tends to be on Saturday and Sunday (my weigh in is Saturday, 10:39 a.m.)

If you are asking for advice, I would say this: splurge in the day and hours after your weigh-in, and make it seem like a splurge (our leader calls this indulging). Have extra portions, or something you wouldn't think of having the night before your meeting.

And then, be done with it, and stick to your daily points.

The reason is that, for me at least, portion control has been a learned habit. Every other time in my life that I have tried to lose weight -- and I have had significant success a couple of times only to backtrack completely, and more -- I have done so on diets where I didn't really need to concern myself with quantities. And so, when I "stopped," I had no knowledge of portions, and how much less I really needed to consume to be very satisfied, and healthy, and at a proper weight.

I think if I spread out extra points all week, I would not have learned this lesson.

Everyone is different, however, and there are an infinite number of paths to success. So, adding 7 PointsPlus points a day -- that is like one energy bar -- isn't going to corrupt anyone.

I should also say that, especially in recent days, I have been under points more often than not. This isn't because I am on a weight-loss Jihad, but only because I am following what my body says.

I am a guy who could eat an entire pizza, and then a quart of ice cream. Or, an entire pound of pasta with a loaf of bread. My ability not only to cut back on serving sizes, but to be cool with that, is entirely Weight Watchers' doing.

Good luck to you guys! I really appreciate you reading, and commenting.