Sunday, October 7, 2012

Breaking Bad: Available Evidence

It's been killing me: How can Walt be free at 52 (albeit miserable, evidently alone and more in fear of his life than ever) since Hank now knows (or soon will realize) that Walt is Heisenberg.

Here's a possibility: Walt comes clean (how can he not?) but blackmails Hank. What story would Hank's superiors be more likely to believe? That  Walt eluded Hank's scrutiny, or that Hank was in on it? Hank has even accepted money from Walt for medical bills.

But the fact that neither family is living beyond their visible means supports the conspiracy theory. It's all in the family. The settling up will come someday, but needn't now.

Walt has already decided to quit the meth business; this is another pressure point to Hank since he wouldn't be asking the DEA ASAC to turn a future blind eye, only the lies that were necessary in the past. 

Clearly, even if this is the scenario for season 5, part II, it won't hold forever. Hank wouldn't take this lying down. He'd play for time, to figure a way out if this mess. And we know Walt is in New Hampshire nine months later evidently alone and on the run.
No, it won't be the feel good hit of 2013.

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